sherkat shahrak haye san'ati ostan markazi,arak,markazi

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sherkat shahrak haye san'ati ostan markazi,arak,markazi

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پايگاه اطلاع رساني دفتر مقام معظم رهبري

پايگاه اطلاع رساني سازمان صنايع كوچك و شهركهاي صنعتي ايران

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According to the bylaw approved by Majlis and the establishment of Iran Industrial Estates Corporation in 1984, dependent province corporations also were established. Markazi Industrial Estates Corporation registered in 1989. From the beginning according to entrusted responsibilities it focused on planning, locating, taking possession of grounds, designing and performing constructive projects to prepare ground and infrastructural facilities and provide an appropriate way for industry establishment in different cities of the province in the form of Industrial Estates .

In these years, it has been focused on Industrial development as an important government policy. 

   MIEC improves the province’s small industries business environment and offering services such as educational service and consulting in Industrial fields.
    MIEC is going to help urgent utilization of industrial units by creating technological fields, workshop complex and Industrial clusters such as Metal and Stone and Insulator clusters.
Because of following factors Markazi province is one of the appropriate provinces for investment. These factors are as below:
-   Existence of large and main industries with technical and professional features
-  Distinguished location and adjacent to important industry and population axis Tehran,Isfahan and also Hamedan ,Lorestan and Qom.

-    Locating in North-South international transportation line and East-West connections and global railway.
 Locating in the path of country providing and transportation main lines (Oil,Gas,Electricity).
-     Existence of large number of metal and other sources and mines.
-   Possibility of creating agriculture transformative industries since the region is rich from some products point of view.

-     Less danger of earthquake in most of province regions.
-     Existence of scientific, educational, researching centers and also professional and experimental work forces.
   These factors and other factors have encouraged artisans and industrial investors increasingly to invest and use facilities and infrastructural services provided in industrial estates. So that, establishment of new estates and development is unpreventable.
    Now there are 19 approved industrial estates in the province which have been scattered in an appropriate manner. Each city has at least one estate. Among these cities Arak with three estates and Saveh and Zarandieh each one with three estates has the maximum estates. Also, there are 12 approved industrial townships which are under this corporation support. Development of Mamoonieh, Zavieh, Eybakabad, Kheirabad, Khomein and … is considered.
    It is hoped that consider to increasing role of industrial estates and townships in organized establishment of industrial units and using common place potentials , this corporation can provide general requirements, water, electricity, gas, communication lines, … and also can additionally offer other important services such as consultant services in technological, commercial, financial and pertaining to tax ,… fields.

sherkat shahrak haye san'ati ostan markazi,arak,markazi

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sherkat shahrak haye san'ati ostan markazi,arak,markazi


زمان آخرين بروزرساني سايت

دوشنبه 27 آذر 1396

sherkat shahrak haye san'ati ostan markazi,arak,markazi



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